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Satellite Tracking

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Now available on Apple iOS and Android

Locate and protect your employees anywhere in the world, beyond the limits of standard mobile networks.

  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective satellite tracking solution for remote workers
  • 100% global connectivity using the iridium network
  • Simply pair your phone to a compatible Garmin satellite device

Protect your lone workers, wherever they are.

StaySafe’s Satellite Mode, powered by Garmin, sets a new standard in lone worker protection for remote workers, allowing you to monitor and safeguard your team no matter where they are in the world.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Satellite Mode seamlessly integrates with the StaySafe app; all you need is a paired Garmin device.

When paired, our intelligent system automatically switches to using Garmin when no other signal is available, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity.

This means your employees can continue using the app on their phone with no interruptions, whether they are connected via Wi-Fi, data, or satellite.

Satellite Mode – Ensure the safety of your employees in the world’s most remote locations

Satellite Mode ensures your employees are protected from pole to pole, using the iridium satellite network to provide 100% global connectivity.

Global Connectivity

Get connectivity everywhere, at all times using Iridium’s satellite network – the only network to span the entire globe.

Seamless workflow

The app automatically utilises the best available connection for a seamless user experience.

Hub monitoring

Any users connected via satellite are monitored in your cloud-based monitoring Hub, alongside your other employees.

Full app functionality

Satellite mode is compatible with all StaySafe features including panic alerts, welfare checks, fall detection, quick start and driving mode.

what3words integration

Integrated with what3words for additional location accuracy.

Share between teams

Satellite devices can be easily shared among users, removing the need for manual allocation.

Protecting lone workers across Canada

Remote employee monitoring, suitable for any industry

Satellite Mode provides a reliable solution for a wide range of industries, including:

Oil, gas and mining

Ensure the safety of your staff working in challenging and remote terrains, or out at sea.


Safeguard your construction workers, even on the most remote of sites.

Logistics and transport

Monitor the well-being of your drivers across long-haul routes.

Field Services and utilities

Enable your field engineers to stay connected, even in areas with no cellular coverage.

See StaySafe in action

StaySafe technology is used to protect over 90,000 lone workers around the world, everyday.  

  • Trusted by companies worldwide 
  • Quick and easy to roll out
  • High user engagement 
  • Accurate location tracking 
  • Panic, fall detection and missed welfare-check alarms
  • Suitable for use in the world’s most remote locations

Can I connect my smartphone to a satellite hub instead?

If you would rather your remote workers continue to use their smartphone or tablet in remote areas, the StaySafe app is also fully compatible with Inmarsat’s satellite network.

All the employee needs is a small portable Inmarsat satellite hub which allows them to receive a data connection on multiple devices – so they can continue to use the StaySafe app, as well as receive and make phone calls.

Plus, one Inmarsat satellite hub can be used by multiple employees when working close by on a single site.

What our customers say about StaySafe

“Our workers out in the field feel reassured they will receive help should they need it even in remote areas or working out-of-hours. With the ability to set up check-in intervals, we are immediately alerted if an employee fails to check-in and we can send them the appropriate assistance.”

Padraic Dolan

HSEQ Manager, Celtic Water

“Switching to the StaySafe solution has proven more reliable, more user-friendly and much more efficient for lone workers and their managers; schedules can change last minute, and our staff are regularly in contact with members of the public that they have never met with before.”

Nerys Eldridge

Project Officer, Hafod Housing

“It’s really important we know where our employees are. StaySafe and CAT phones create a robust, reliable way of maintaining contact when they are out in the field. We’re impressed that StaySafe offers all the features we require and remains so user friendly. Our whole process is much more efficient with one solution for housing, education, and healthcare.”

Richard Mugford

Director of Housing and Education, CUPS

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