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Guide to lone worker safety

Download our comprehensive guide to lone worker safety to understand the risks your employees face and how you can put systems in place to fulfil your duty of care.

Creating a lone worker risk assessment

Lone working risk assessments are a basic legal requirement and should be carried out for all employees. To help you get started with writing your lone working risk assessment, we have created a comprehensive step by step guide, including a template document for you to use.


Finding your 'hidden' lone workers & the best ways to improve lone worker safety

We are delighted to introduce you to award winning speaker, Justin Manley.

Three compelling business reasons not to ignore lone worker safety

Understand the moral, legal and financial implications of ignoring lone worker safety and how to protect your lone workers. 

Three Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Lone Working Solution

Looking to purchase a lone worker solution? The guide covers the steps you can take to evaluate your needs and the available solutions in the market.