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Property and real estate

A lone worker protection app for property management and real estate

Your employees may face challenging situations whilst they visit client homes or empty properties. With our easy-to-use lone worker solutions, you can protect them, 24/7, from these risks.

How our safety app successfully supports the property management and real estate industry

Lone working has become commonplace for many property management and real estate professionals. Realtors are frequently required to meet with clients alone and away from the office, facing uncertain situations in the different areas in which they operate. We understand the challenges faced by organizations keen to protect their employees, and help a range of local and national realtors with our lone worker safety solution. 

While working alone is usually safe, lone working brings with it additional risk, as any danger faced is faced alone.

The StaySafe app ensures lone workers have a way to signal for help in any situation. A panic button can be used at any time, while missed check-in and session expiry alerts will send an alarm even if the lone worker cannot. If an employee is faced with an aggressor, a panic alert can be triggered discreetly. A duress PIN can also be used to trick the aggressor into thinking the app has been closed when, in fact, a high priority alarm has been triggered.


Risks for lone workers in the property management and real estate industry

Lone workers operating in the property management and real estate sector face potentially challenging situations as they enter client homes alone, meet with new people and work unsocial hours.

Violence and aggression

Unfortunately, violence and aggression sometimes occurs within the property management and real estate industry, particularly for those in real estate who meet with clients alone and behind closed doors.

Environmental risk

Working in locations away from the office which haven’t been risk assessed can expose employees to common workplace hazards such as slips, trips and falls.


Travelling on the road is one of the greatest and most uncontrollable risks workers around the world face each day. Travel risks are not always immediately considered, yet many employees regularly spend time travelling between appointments and properties.

Ill health

If a lone worker suffers from a medical emergency such as a heart attack or fainting, receiving immediate support and alerting emergency services could prove difficult without nearby colleagues.

How StaySafe helps protect your lone workers

At StaySafe, we have specifically-designed functionality to overcome common lone worker challenges faced in the property management and real estate sector. Man-down alarms and missed check-ins will ensure someone is alerted in the event of an accident, while a discreet panic provides a way to signal for help without aggravating a tense situation.

The StaySafe app gives employers visibility of the location and safety status of lone workers in an emergency and allows them to check-in safely once they have finished a lone working or travel session. A note taking facility allows lone workers to add extra details to a session such as with whom they are meeting or where in a building they are based.

If an employee activates the app’s panic button or fails to check in, alerts are instantly visible in the online StaySafe monitoring hub. Chosen managers are automatically notified via text, call and email. With StaySafe, you can protect your employees wherever they are and whenever they need help



Guide to lone working

Every employer has a duty of care to protect their employees from workplace risks. For those working alone in the housing and property industry, lone working has become commonplace, with workers regularly carrying out house viewings or client meetings alone and away from the office.
Why the property sector loves the StaySafe monitoring solution

“We’re really pleased with how well StaySafe has integrated into JLL. The team were very supportive with our queries, and our employees have peace of mind when they are working alone.”

Bruce Brown

Director of Operations, JLL

“StaySafe helps us to fulfil our safety requirements. Previously, employees were concerned no-one would know where they were if things went bad for them, now our team have that comfort.”

Joseph Shellack

Manager at Crockers Property Management

“We needed a more robust way of ensuring our employees were safe and StaySafe ticked all the boxes. Everyone, myself included, uses the app and we know if an alert is raised, we will get a call.”

Karl Povey

Principle Consultant, Turner & Townsend

“Our employees feel much safer knowing they have the StaySafe app with them. The implementation was quick and easy, and StaySafe has integrated into the company well.”

Stephen Wiles

Director, Prime Property Management

 “StaySafe’s unique features allow us to overcome common safety challenges. We know we’ll be alerted whenever our employees need help. It was also a priority to have an easy to implement solution.”

Tim Wade

Manager, Gallant Richardson

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